Large Wet Fields

The wet farming field is an essential for the Farmer profession and is in fact restricted to only allow farmers to use this special item. It allows a player to plant various types of seeds which will effect what type of crop is grown on the field and what type of end product can be harvested from it.

These crops are essentials for a thriving civilisation. Including rice, lotus, chestnut, watercress and more. Some can be ground into Flour while others can be crushed and used as is. Some of the ingredients coming out of large wet fields are also used in the manufacturing of alchohols in the brewing profession.

Price: L$400
Markeplace Listing: Here

Ploughing Tool: Plough
Ploughing Energy Use: 50
Plough Durability Use: 1
Seeding Tool: Seed Bag
Seeding Energy Use: 5
Seed Bag Durability Use: 1
Watering Tool: Clay Jar
Watering Energy Use: 5
Clay Jar Durability Use: 1
Harvesting Tool: Sickle
Harvesting Energy Use: 10

Minimum Harvests: 10 (10 items) + Bonuses

Growth Speed: 1 day


Large Vegetable Fields