SL Colonies HUD

The currency symbol on the player HUD allows you to trade coins with other nearby players. Simply select who you’d like to give coins to, followed by how many.

The currency in SL Colonies is completely player driven. Almost anything in game is crafted by the players, all the way through to the coins used as currency. Of course, some measures are put in place to stop just anyone minting official coins and flooding the economy, causing uncontrollable inflation, however, certain individuals have been given the permission to be ‘coin minters’ - giving them access to a coin mint to produce official coins.

Players can purchase in-game coin using Linden Dollars (L$) by visiting the SL Colonies HUB. This is based on supply & demand, which means if no one is selling coin for L$, then there are no coins available on market. Players can also sell their coins for L$, again based on supply and demand.

Value of coins to L$ then is completely player driven again and will go up and down based on demand and inflation.

NOTE: The only location where buy orders of in-game currency can be made using L$ is the SL Colonies HUB Marketplace. This is to protect any L$ put into escrow from vanishing due to abuse. Also note that the only profession which can create buy and sell orders on any marketplace are the Merchants. This is another control measure to encourage trade & travel between the various professions and localities.

Coin Conversion Rates

Copper Silver Gold
100 1  
1000 10  
10000 100 1