Cooking Stations

The Cooking Station will have loads of unrestricted recipes available for players to craft of any level. Unrestricted recipes include all foods which can be eaten from your player inventory. The Cooking Profession will open up more secret recipes which include those items which are rezzable and available in-world as a prim to setup roleplay feasts on tables that anyone can walk up to and click to eat.

Cooks are the only profession which will also gain CXP while crafting using these stations.

Price: L$600
Markeplace Listing: TBC

Energy Consumption: 1
Tool Requirement: None
Tool Durability Use: 0


Recipe Name Level Ingredients
Butter 0 1
Bread Roll 0 2
Cooked Beef Porter 1 1
Cooked Beef Ribeye 1 1
Cooked Beef Scotch 1 1
Cooked Beef Tender 1 1
Cooked Fish 0 1
Cream 0 1
Fried Lobster 1 3
Garlic Prawns 1 3
Mash Potato 1 4
Potato Fries 1 2
Roast Potato 1 2
Steamed Potato 0 2
Water Tray 0 2

Coin Mint