Butcher Table

The Butcher Table is a crafting station made for the Butcher profession of SL Colonies. Butchers will be able to take various farm animal carcasses and portion them into special cuts of meat. These cuts and trimmings can be further processed down into minces and sausages, used by cooks to make nourishing meals.

Price: L$600
Markeplace Listing: TBC

Energy Consumption: 5
Tool Requirement: Butcher Knife
Tool Durability Use: 1


Recipe Name Level Ingredients
Beef Mince 0 1
Beef Porterhouse 1 1
Beef Portions (100) 0 1
Beef Rib Eye 1 1
Beef Scotch Fillet 1 1
Beef Tenderloin 1 1
Beef Trim 0 1

Basketweaving Station