Beta Testers

We are on the lookout for between 5 to 10 people who are active within the Second Life community and are passionate about RPG systems and how they work.

Do not apply if you are seeking only to gain access to features before they are made public. There are perks to being on the team, but there are also requirements that need to be fulfilled.


  • Gain access to new features under development before they are publicly released
  • Gain knowledge of upcoming features and fixes before anyone else
  • Get to be a part of an exclusive team
  • Get to play with features in test environments


  • Must be a mature person
  • Must be an active Second Life resident (online 2 hours daily minimum)
  • Must attend weekly meetings
  • Must actively test new features and report your findings
  • Understand that your game may be affected by unstable code

Please get in touch with us using the Contact Form to discuss.

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